In year 2003, Korea Federation of Women's Science and Technology Associations (KOFWST) began with four member organizations for the purposes of facilitating the development of women in science and technology, and fostering alliances between women's science and technology organizations to enable them to work more closely and efficiently.
Since its inception, KOFWST has contributed to developing the nation's capacity for science and technology by enhancing the competency of women scientists and engineers and fulfilling equality in employment based on the principle of gender-equality.
As of 2011, the members are consisted of approximately 28,000 members from 32 organizations
Support projects for women’s science and technology organizations
  • Supporting the activities of member organizations and other women’s science and technology like organizations sharing the same goal with KOFWST
  • Providing aid to help women’s science and technology organizations achieve financial independence and supporting the multi-faceted development of the organizations through the promotion of special projects reflecting each organization’s unique characteristics.
21st Century Women Leaders Forum
  • Providing venues for expanding exchanges and establishing networks among men, women, youth and leader in various fields of science and technology through lectures, panel discussions and Q&A sessions with invited guests
  • Holding forum in each district for development of local member organizations
  • Establishing global network and developing science and technology in Asia
  • Nurturing the global women leader in science and technology by making the presentation of the research and awarding
Academic Conference of KOFWST
  • Providing venues for lectures and discussions regarding future-oriented converging science and technologies
  • Promoting increased leadership within the ranks of women scientists and engineers and establishing networks for converging science
KOFWST Future Talent Award
  • Discovering and supporting promising women scientists and engineers of the next generation among M.A graduates or Ph. D. students and candidates, post-doctoral researchers with less than five years of experience, and others
Conference to promote cooperation among women's organizations
  • Proposing the vision of positively affecting Korea’s women's issues by soliciting the cooperation of the other women’s organizations
Cooperating Forum of members of National Assembly, Women Journalists, and Women in Science and Technology, and Making the voice of women in science and technology
  • Visualizing of women leader in science and technology, cooperating with media and government for advancing pubic understanding of science and technology
  • Proposing policies and providing solution about present issues of women in science and technology and society by holding cooperating forum
  • Supporting to compiling and conveying the column and a statement of women in science and technology
Project to discover outstanding women scientists
  • Identifying leading women in science and technology and nominating them as award candidates in order to recognize and encourage them for their research achievements and to elevate their social standing
  • Nominating outstanding women scientists to international committees in order to support their international activities and to foster them as global leaders
Education/Policy center
  • Conducting research projects of the science and technology fields
  • Books
  • - Women Meet Science, 2005
  • - Women at the Center of Science, 2006
  • - Meet Women Leaders in Science : Waiting for Tomorrow’s Marie Curie, Ⅰ,Ⅱ, 2008
  • - Celebrating Women of Outstanding Achievement Ⅰ,Ⅱ, 2008. 2010
  • - Who’s the NextⅠ~Ⅵ, 2011
  • (Visualizing the role-model in science and technology for the next generation)
  • (Differentiation from other role-model books by discovering the role-mode of various field of science and technology)
  • Periodicals
  • - Online newsletter
  • (KOFWST e-news published 12 times a year)