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Corporate Introduction
For well over 65 years, AMOREPACIFIC has envisioned the dream to become the world’s “Asian Beauty Creator” and push the boundaries of traditional beauty with innovative solutions drawn from our rich Asian heritage. In pursuit of mankind’s dream to live a beautiful and healthy life, AMOREPACIFIC strives to become a company that realizes this dream by promoting the perfect harmony of inner and outer beauty, and furthermore, a global company that unveils the essence of Asian beauty steeped in Asian cultures to customers across the world.
To recognize the company’s vocation, AMOREPACIFIC has set its vision to be recognized as a “Global Total Care Provider of Beauty and Health”. The company’s global strategy is to grow into one of the world’s top ten cosmetics companies by developing ten megabrands in the beauty industry, and becoming a world-leading beauty-food company through the establishment of 5 megabrands in the health industry by 2015.
Research & Development
Under the passionate conviction of the late Sung-Whan Suh (the revered founder and former chairman of AMOREPACIFIC) that science and technology will ultimately lead the company to the top of the global market, AMOREPACIFIC established Korea’s first beauty research laboratory in 1954, the precursor to the current AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center. In 1992, the company established the AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center’s main research building ‘Sungjigwan’ in Yongin of Gyeonggi Province, where the nation’s best scientists started to create remarkable technological innovations. Based on a deep understanding of Asian botanical ingredients, the company began its research on Oriental beauty treatment with ginseng in 1967. As a result of the company’s efforts to scientifically prove ginseng’s skincare efficacy and mechanisms, the Sulwhasoo brand was finally introduced to the cosmetics industry in 1997.
In September 2010, AMOREPACIFIC designed and built its new research facility “Mizium” (meaning a space to create beauty in pursuit of an unknown dream) to meet the ever-growing demands of global customers and strengthen the company’s research capabilities. Both “Sungjigwan,” the main research building and the “Mizium,” the newly added research building are equipped with cutting-edge facilities, comprising a total of five labs, including the Cosmetic Research lab, Skin & Science lab, Medical Beauty lab, Health & Science lab, and Bio Science lab, in which a wide range of beauty and health research is carried out.
In recent years, the AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center has strengthened its research program of natural ingredients that are historically known to be safe and highly effective. The list of natural ingredients continues to grow beyond ginseng, soybean, and green tea as modern day society’s interest in herbal and botanical products increases. Moreover, the research center has begun implementing a project encompassing whitening, moisturizing, anti-winkle, abdominal obesity, bio-technology, adjacent field research and more. As a result, AMOREPACIFIC has been at the forefront of improving the quality of South Korea’s cosmetics industry by developing high quality products.
Manufacturing & Logistics Facility
In order to expand the capabilities of our production facilities and enhance the efficiency of our distribution system, AMOREPACIFC has invested over 157 million U.S. dollars in constructing a state-of-the-art manufacturing & logistics center in Osan, South Korea. The new center, which boasts world-class facilities with cutting-edge technology, will be utilized as a manufacturing & logistics hub that will significantly increase our global business potentials. In addition, as part of the company’s efforts to conduct sustainable management activities, AMOREPACIFIC has invested heavily in building and environment-friendly complex though various alternative energy means, and by installing solar energy systems to power its facilities. Future energy-saving construction plans also include an eco-park.
Company Information
CEO Kyung-Bae Suh
H.Q. Address 181, 2ga Hangang-ro Yongsan-gu Seoul, Korea 140-777
Main Phone Number 82-2-709-5114
Official Website